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Marco Saverio Spolidoro

Born in Milan (Italy) 4th July, 1957




-  LL.D., Catholic University of Milan (magna cum laude), 11th July1979

-  Admitted to Bar, Milan, since 1st March 1982

- Admitted to plead before the Supreme Court, since 31st October 1992


-  Partner of LAW OFFICES OF AVVOCATO SPOLIDORO, Milan (Italy), since 1985. Yorick Spolidoro, father of Professor Marco, founded the Firm in 1946, and since the beginning the focus of the business was representing multinational Companies and individual foreign investors in Italy. In 1998, Prof. Marco Spolidoro continued the Firm with his brother Sergio Spolidoro, and the focus of the Firm turned to litigation. In the last years, the Firm was hired in high-level litigation, mainly but not exclusively in representation of Accounting Firms and Managers charged of negligence in liability suits. Part of the litigation business is in the field of Intellectual Property, especially trademarks and patents. A part of the Firm’s activity is counseling in small M&A operations.


At present the Firm includes the two partners, six assistant lawyers and two trainees.


The assistant lawyers are specialized in commercial, corporate and intellectual property Law. Some of them have authored notes and books of academic standard.


For further details on Prof. Spolidoro’s professional qualifications, see below section “Professional experience”)


-     Ordinary Professor, Catholic University of Milan.



He has been:


  • Professor by contractual appointment: University of Trento (Faculty of Economics), Intellectual Property Law, 1983—1984; University Bocconi of Milan (Faculty of Business Administration), Company and Business Entities Law, 1984—1987.

  • Associate Professor: University Bocconi (Faculty of Business Administration), Company and Business Entities Law, 1988—1990.

  • Extraordinary Professor: University of Macerata (Faculty of Political Sciences), Company and Business Entities Law, 1991—1993.

  • Ordinary Professor: University of Brescia (Faculty of Economics), Company and Business Entities Law, 1993—1996;

  • Catholic University of Milan (Faculty of Law, Piacenza): Company and Business Entities Law, 1996-2005; Bankruptcy Law (1997-1999), Insurance Law (2000/-005);

  • Catholic University (Faculty of Law, Milan): Intellectual Property Law, 2005-2013;

  • Coordinator of the Courses in Commercial Law for the “Legal Professions School” of the Catholic University, since 2006


Since 2014, as Ordinary Professor and Member of the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Milan, he teaches Intellectual Property Law and Company and Business Entities Law (Advanced Course).



During more than thirty years, Prof. Spolidoro has represented many important Italian and foreign corporations in a number of multimillionaire deals (in USD), including take-overs, friendly or hostile acquisitions, listings on the stock exchange, leveraged buy-outs, securitization of trade receivables, joint ventures, outsourcing agreements, etc..


Prof. Spolidoro has also organized or, in some instances, prepared reports or opinions on behalf of other colleagues or auditing firms on innovative schemes of corporate transactions such as stock option plans, mergers, demergers, capital reductions, buy-backs.


As a litigator, he has a vast experience and is a specialist both in the field of professional liability of auditing firms and corporate directors/officers and in the fields of trademarks, patent protection and unfair competition.


Occasionally, Prof. Spolidoro appears for appeals to the Supreme Court of Cassation, in specialist civil cases.


He has served as expert witness on Italian Law in litigation before the High Court of London.


Prof. Spolidoro frequently serves as arbitrator in national or international multimillionaire proceedings.



Author or co-Author of several books and commentaries and of a large number of articles and notes published on various specialized leading law reviews on Intellectual Property, Corporations, Mergers, Antitrust and other matters pertaining to Business and Commercial Laws (see list below).


He has been member of several Commissions for the National (and Local) Selections of University Professor and, in years 2012-2013 (ending in 2014) he was one of the five members of the National Committee for Academic Scientific Appraisal of Commercial Law professor (the new system that replaces the old-style selections for the attribution of Academic Degrees).




  • Giurisprudenza annotata di diritto industriale, since 1979

  • Rivista delle società, since 1984; Co-Editor in Chief since 2013

  • Il Foro Padano, since 1992

His publications, with a selection of articles available for consultation, can be found in the dedicated section of the  website .

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